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How it all began

I began woodworking back in the late 70's after I met my future father-in-law. He built his own house, doing almost all of the construction and carpentry work himself, all while raising four children. He was a real inspiration to me.

Since I had just moved out on my own, I needed something to hold my new stereo system, like all young men in their late teens usually do.

After looking at several flake board cabinets, I asked Bud if I could use his table saw to build a nice combination stereo cabinet / bookcase out of 5/4 clear pine. He allowed me access to his garage workshop, and I built one heck of a solid cabinet. I was hooked on woodworking for life!

Some of my woodworking projects include a complete remodel our first house, including custom oak woodwork, oak kitchen cabinets, and oak bathroom vanity and mirror.

I moved on to design and build two custom homes, the first having all oak woodwork, an L-shaped oak staircase, a 16' long built-in entertainment center, and a basement work shop with a separate stairway from the garage.

Our second custom home featured glazed maple cabinets, and a custom office. Along the way I constructed numerous tables, desks, wall shelves, clocks, etc.

David N. Eich,

Eich = Oak Tree

Coincidentally, my last name Eich means "oak" or "oak tree" in German. So choosing Oak Tree Woodworks for the name of this site seemed like a no brainer.

from Ancestry.com

German: from Middle High German eich(e), hence a topographic name for someone who lived near an oak tree.

In some cases, it may be a habitational name for someone from any of several places named with this word, for example Eiche or Eichen, or for someone who lived at a house distinguished by the sign of an oak.